the sacrilegious lawn

2014-02-08 16.06.37.jpg

Just been on a flying visit to the new house and took a few, not very good, photos of the garden. The photo above is of the tiny bit of lawn located in front of the house. It’s more decorative than anything and a design feature. The trouble is, I swore off lawns several years ago when I transformed my grassed garden, front and back, into a zen paradise. So, we’re contemplating astro turf for this little patch of green.

2014-02-08 16.07.08.jpg

This is the already planted, ready for public consumption, tiny front garden. I probably will do something with it eventually. But not sure what yet. As it stands it doesn’t need anything doing just for the moment.

2014-02-08 16.53.24.jpg

This is the left hand side of the rectangular shaped back garden.

2014-02-08 16.53.06.jpg

This is the right hand side of the rectangle.

It doesn’t really...

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